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As you may already know, we charge all papers individually. The reason is that every student has his/her preferences and needs, that is why it is impossible to have a general price list for all possible orders. Each paper is charged per page (double-spaced = 275 words; single-spaced = 550 words). Pricing at is based on the following factors:

  • Service type

We provide several academic services: writing from scratch, editing, proofreading, multiple-choice questions, admission writing, and problem-solving. Each of these services has its own price.

  • Academic level

We work with high school, college, and university assignments. As you can understand, a high school essay will cost you less than a Ph.D. dissertation.

  • Urgency

You can request essay writing assistance of different urgency levels. The shortest available deadline is three hours. Be aware that urgent papers have cost more, so take care of your tasks beforehand. 

Additional services

  • VIP Customer Support

Do you want to feel like a boss when ordering papers? Just request VIP Customer Service and become the #1 for our team. All of your messages and needs will be processed faster than anyone else’s. Also, we will send you SMS notifications about the progress. This costs $14.99 only.

  • Preferred Writer

If this is not your first order with us, you may want to cooperate with the same writer. No problem, you are welcome to request his/her assistance one more time in case your order’s deadline is more than 24 hours.

  • Abstract

Order a short summary of your paper written for $14.99.

  • Plagiarism Report

You may want to be 100% assured that your paper is absolutely unique. Ask for an official plagiarism report, and we will send it to you for $9.99 in case your essay is no longer than 10 pages double-spaced or 5 pages single-spaced (+$1 or $2 for every additional page accordingly).

  • Table of Contents

To increase your chances for the highest grade, request the Table of Contents. This page will surely make your paper look professional. This service costs $9.99 only.

  • Sources

You may want to get the materials used to compose your paper. We will eagerly send all books, articles, newspapers, magazines, and journals in .doc or .pdf format per your request. This costs $4.99 per source.

  • Editor’s Check

We will pass your paper to professional editors to ensure five-star quality. This extra will make your paper shine. The price depends on the length and complexity of your project.


  • Orders costlier than $500 receive 5% discount
  • Orders costlier than $1000 receive 10% discount
  • First-time customers receive 10% off

Useful information

  • All of our customers have the right to request unlimited free revisions. We want to know that you are 100% happy with the final result. That is why we agree to improve your paper in case you are not entirely satisfied with it. Be mindful that we provide free revisions only in case your initial instructions were not followed. If the recommendations were met, but you would like to change them, make sure to pay an additional fee for a revision.
  • Your paper will be done before the deadline. We guarantee on-time delivery, so you can rest assured that no delays are possible. Please provide your writer with all the necessary paper details and materials as early as you can.
  • All of our papers are plagiarism-free. You don’t have to worry about that issue – we compose orders from scratch and monitor the level of originality.
  • Our writers keep your instructions in mind and follow them word by word. We take a personalized approach to every single order, and this is a guarantee.
  • Our services are prepaid. After you send the money, we assign a writer, and the deadline countdown begins.
  • When placing the order, you will see an online calculator. This tool counts the price for your paper and displays it before you confirm the order. Be sure that we don’t have any additional fees and charges. The price you will see before confirmation is final.

We do everything to provide excellent paper quality and amazing Customer Support. Whenever you have questions, concerns, or suggestions – contact us, and we will help. If you are ready to become our customer, then place your order right now, and let’s deal with your projects together!